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January/February ARP Magazine

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Happy New Year. What is your vision for 2020? Read about the ARP Magazine vision and goals on page 31. The Moderator’s Challenge is on page 4 followed by the Synod Emphasis article, “Revival”, on page 6. The Women’s Ministries Prayer emphasis by Emily Woodard is on page 20. Dr. Derek Thomas was invited to pray at the House of Representatives. His prayer is on page 27.

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Services for Dr. Terry Eves

Erskine Theological Seminary announces passing of Dr. Terry Eves, beloved Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Hebrew

eves-terry[Due West, SC, 12/30/2019–] Dr. Terry Eves, Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Hebrew at Erskine Theological Seminary, went home to the Lord on December 30, 2019. Dr. Eves is survived by his wife, Dianne of 43 years, and sons Eric (Beth) and Kevin (Erin) and grandchildren Levi and Andrew; mother Marylouise Eves, and brothers Steve (Waneda) and Bryan (Sheila).

Dr. Eves is preceded in death by his father, Donald Eves.

Dr. Eves had a remarkable record of scholarly study and service that included his Ph.D. in the Hebrew Bible from The Annenberg Research Institute, along with additional graduate work at the University of Pennsylvania in Textual Criticism with Dr. Emmanuel Tov of the Hebrew University, and Westminster Theological Seminary in Ugaritic with Tremper Longman III.

He obtained a Master of Arts in Hebrew Bible from the Dropsie College of Hebrew and Cognate Languages, a Master in Theology in Old Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary, a M.A.R. in Biblical Studies from Westminster Theological Seminary, and a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies with New Testament emphasis from Grace College.

Dr. Eves was a careful scholar and teacher who brought over 30 years of experience in the church and classroom to Erskine. He began his teaching with the Erskine family at Erskine College where he was a Professor of Biblical Studies from 2000 – 2007. He later came to Erskine Theological Seminary beginning as an Adjunct Professor of Hebrew and Biblical Theology in 2005 where he was known for mentoring students both in and out of the classroom. His desire that the faculty worship together led him to serve as Dean of the Chapel of the Seminary and he also served as chair of the Graduate Committee. He was an elder in the Presbyterian Church in America.

Dr. Michael A. Milton, Provost of Erskine Seminary, reflected on Dr. Eves’ passing: “Our friend, Terry, was not only a prodigious Bible scholar, but he was also one of the most pastoral professors that I have ever known. I will always remember Terry welcoming me to the Erskine family by remarking, with that unforgettable soft and tender tonality we will all miss, ‘Mike, I found a home here at Erskine. I know it will be a home for you, as well.” Because of Dr. Terry Eves, who set an unsurpassed pastoral example, with a heart beating for Christ Jesus, and for students, he not only made Erskine my home but a home for many others. He leaves a living legacy that proclaims, “The heart of theology should always be expressed in the love of Christ Jesus.'”

Dr. Rob Gustafson, President of Erskine College and Theological Seminary, remembered Dr. Eves this way, “I knew Dr. Eves not only as a member of the Erskine Theological Seminary faculty, but also as a kind and helpful professor when I was working on my Doctor of Ministry degree at Erskine Seminary. As a student, I appreciated Terry’s deep love for the Scriptures and his clear conviction that the entire Biblical account points to Christ. This perspective challenged me to read the Old Testament with a new and rich perspective. He was always encouraging to others, always available to me as a student, and always expressive of his deep love for Christ. Dr. Eves will be greatly missed. Heaven has gained a faithful servant, but we have lost a faithful professor of the Old Testament and a beloved friend.”

Dr. Eves’ memorial service of thanksgiving and worship to Jesus Christ will be in the chapel of Bowie Divinity Hall at Erskine Theological Seminary in Due West, SC at 11:00 am on Saturday, January 4, 2020.

Erskine Theological Seminary prepares men and women to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. Dr. Terry Eves will remain an exemplar of how Erskine Seminary seeks to live this mission with fidelity to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; His inerrant and infallible Word, the Holy Bible; and by teaching the Doctrines of Grace according to the Westminster Confession of Faith—all knit together with Christ’s love lived out in grateful hearts.

Thank you!

How important is the Thanksgiving offering?

A portion of the special offering taken at Thanksgiving goes to retirees and widows of retirees in the form of a Christmas gift check every year.  As a result of your sacrificial giving, over 140 gift checks were mailed today!  Praise the Lord for those who gave to this special offering as a way of honoring those who have served our denomination so well!


Today has become a national day to give back. Remember our agencies in the ARP denomination and the impact they make. Lives are changed and we can see God is at work in this denomination. Make a gift today! Help a church planter through ONA; a missionary in World Witness; Camp Joy; Bonclarken; Erskine College & Seminary; or make a gift to all by clicking here. You can make a difference.

Rev. David Warf

Virginia Presbytery has notified us that Reverend David Warf passed away this morning. Services are tentatively scheduled for Saturday at 2pm at the New Lebanon Church, Sinks Grove, WV. Pray for his wife Harriet and the rest of the family. Reverend Warf was a retired ARPC minister serving as a supply at New Lebanon where he had been the pastor for 13 years.

Prayer Requests

Mickey Rice

Request from Second Presbytery: Please pray for Retired Minister Mickey Rice. His granddaughter, Melissa Toney, committed suicide last night.  Please keep the family in your prayers.

David Warf

Update from Clerk of Session of New Lebanon ARPC: As of this morning, David Warf is not improving. He had a rough night; they had to turn up the ventilator. The Doctors’ goal is still to wake him, and run a CT scan to better assess David’s condition. Thank you for your concern and continued prayers are appreciated.

Gabe Fluhrer

Update from First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC: After a successful surgery last Tuesday, Gabe Fluhrer is recovering well. In God’s wonderful providence, the pathology reports came back benign, for which we praise the Lord! He is very grateful for the prayers and support of the brothers and sisters in the ARPC.

Prayer Request

Please continue to pray for Reverend David Warf, pastor of New Lebanon ARP Church in Sinks Grove, WV, who had a massive heart attack on Sunday, November 10. He was flown to a larger hospital and remains sedated so that his body can rest in hopes his blood pressure will rise. Pray that he can withstand heart surgery and pray for his wife Harriett during this time.