ARP News Update

Music Conference

The 2013 Music Conference is going on this week at Bonclarken Conference Center. Trip McGill, director, says that it is going very well. “We have great clinicians with Judy Storm Bowers, Janeal Krehbiel, Ellen Brown, Jeffrey Redding, Karol Kimmell, David Coleman with Lynn Grimsley, Heidi Shealy, Kody Frey, David Hooks and many great counselors. What a great week! Great choirs, great worship, great fellowship and lots of fun at the Nibble Nook each night for singing and devotion! It’s a great tradition”. The concert is tonight at 7pm in the Bonclarken Youth Activity Building.

music conference rehearsal youth music conference rehearsal adults

music conference rehearsal kids

Family Bible Conference

Don’t forget to register for Family Bible Conference at Bonclarken Conference Center July 29 – August 1. Walking in God’s Wisdom is the theme with Dr. Boyce Wilson, Ebenezer ARP in Rock Hill, and Rev. Paul Patrick, RUF campus minister at Erskine College. There will be powerful Bible teaching and preaching, opportunities for spiritual renewal for the whole family, worship, food, fellowship with other families and fun! Check out Christian Education Ministries website for more information and for registering.