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Update on the Iraqi Refugee Relief

Contributions continue to come in to World Witness for the Iraqi Refugee Relief. As of today, they have received over $50,000. The letter below is from Laurie Meberg on the details of what is going on currently in Turkey.

world72resRGBlayeredDear Partners in prayer,

Last night Erik left Denver, Colorado for South East Turkey.  He plans to be there for just over a week.   Erik hopes to encourage and minister to the fellowships who are reaching the refugees.  He also hopes to see how we all can be praying and supporting them during this time.

Praise the Lord, Erik was allowed into the country without any problems (as you know, we had to leave 2 years ago and are unable to live there).  

Pray that God would show Erik what He wants us to see.  Pray that the Lord would give Erik and the relief workers great wisdom in how to proceed.  Pray also for grace for the relief workers as they see and hear of many unimaginable atrocities. 

The churches in Southeast Turkey are small.  They are far outnumbered by the refugees coming in from Iraq.  But the churches have a big heart and a desire to see these people cared for and for the name of Jesus to be proclaimed to those coming across the border.

Refugee pic 1 - setting up tentsSo far, the churches have donated their tents that they use for the annual Southeast Family camp.  The churches sent a team along with the tents to set them up and provide available sleeping mats.

The youth and young adults have conducted children’s activities similar to backyard Bible schools – with activities, crafts, songs, and games.  Rather than a Bible story, they are able to share a drama or a story with a moral principle.  The youth have experience with running these “camps” with the kids in the neighborhood of the church and now have been able to do some of these activities in the shelters.Refugee pic 2 - kids program in shelter

 Through generous donations, churches have also purchased basic supplies – clothes, towels, diapers, baby formula and bottles, toiletries and feminine hygiene products, and distributed them among some of the refugees.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support in this time.  We are humbled by the opportunity to share this perspective with you all and so encouraged by your response.  Thank you for holding us – but more than that – for holding these fellowships in your hearts and prayers.

In His Grip,

Erik and Laurie Meberg 

Lower Long Cane Celebrates 243 Years

On September 21, 2014, Long Cane Church, Troy, SC, will celebrate 243 years since it was organized. Cedar Springs ARP Church will also be in attendance. Long Cane and Cedar Springs were sister congregations and formed one pastorate in the early 19th century. Rev. John Paul Marr, pastor of Troy ARP Church, will lead the service.


photo-29Congratulations to Kevin Owens, the winner of the iPad from the ARP Magazine. Kevin sent in three new subscriptions which allowed him to be entered into the drawing. Leland Beaudrot drew from the stack of names. Look for another opportunity to win soon.