Change in 2020 Synod Dates

To All Sessions, Pastors, and other leaders in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church:

After consultation with the Moderator-elect, medical experts, and members of Synod’s Executive Board and in consideration of the coronavirus pandemic, in keeping with our Form of Government 12.9, which reads,

The meeting of the General Synod shall be held at the time and place designated at the preceding meeting. The moderator shall designate an alternate time and/or place of meeting in the event that such a change should be necessary. Notice of any change shall be given to each Session not less than thirty days in advance of the meeting. 

The Moderator has changed the meeting date for our 2020 to August 17 through August 20, at Bonclarken. These dates are in keeping with the current Bonclarken calendar. They are, of course, subject to the lifting of all current coronavirus restrictions and recommendations. The agenda for Synod, including registration and all meetings and reports, remains as it would have been for our June meeting.

If you had already made reservations with Bonclarken for this year’s Synod meeting your reservations will now be “rolled over” to the new dates. There is no need for you to call Bonclarken to make any changes.

Respectfully submitted,

Leslie Holmes

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