Julia Hardeman Rhodes Winner

Vicki Marsh, Sue Brogi, Eleanor Richardson, Susan Tanner

The Women’s Ministries Board, in conjunction with The ARP Magazine, sponsors the annual Julia Hardeman Rhodes Award. This award is given to an ARP recipient who has been recognized for excellence in service in an area of Christian Education such as Women’s Ministries, teaching, youth leadership, volunteering efforts, etc.

Julia Hardeman Rhodes was a passionate and tireless advocate of creating awareness and action in connecting ARPs across the denomination. In her honor, this award is to be presented annually to a deserving recipient who has demonstrated excellence in service and dedication in the ARP Church, reflecting the heart of Julia Hardeman Rhodes.

The 2022 Julia Hardeman Rhodes award is given to Eleanor Richardson, a member of Pinecrest Presbyterian Church in Hendersonville, NC. Eleanor has been a member of five ARP Churches, worked at Erskine College for ten years, and at Bonclarken for 17 years. Her impact to the denomination reaches far and wide.

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