Presbytery News and Announcements

First Presbytery Spring Meeting Highlights
April 10, 2012

  • Received Rev. Rhett Carson from Second Presbytery pending transfer of credentials and approved his call as pastor of the Pinecrest Church, Flat Rock, NC.
  • Received Rev. David M. Shin from Central Carolina Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America, pending the transfer of credentials and approved his call to continue the Moak Yaung Korean Church, Matthews, NC.
  • Received the Moak Yaung Korean Church, Matthews, NC, pending  release from the PCA.
  • Received Rev. Terry Crahen from the Presbytery of the Southern Presbyterian Church and approved his call as mission developer of the Faith Chapel Mission Church, Pleasant Garden, NC.
  • Licensed Ken Kunkel and approved his call to the military chaplaincy.
  • Licensed Mark Denning and approved his call as associate pastor of the Back Creek Church, Charlotte, NC.
  • Removed student Jonathan Rockness from the roll of students as he has been ordained by the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.
  • Removed James Dickson from the roll of students as he has been ordained by the Presbyterian Church in America.
  • Removed Brad Marshall from the roll of students as he is no longer seeking ordination through First Presbytery.
  • Transferred student Mark Jones, who has moved Mississippi Valley Presbytery in TN.
  • Noted the resignation of Rev. Nathan McCall as associate pastor of New Perth Church, Troutman, NC, in October 2011 and of his laboring at a PCA Church in Nashville, TN, and authorized the stated clerk to transfer his credentials when requested.
  • Noted the death of Rev. Gilbert Rowell, pastor of the Providence Church, Gastonia, NC, on March 31.
  • Removed Rev. Frank Reich from the roll without censure, but authorized the stated clerk to issue a letter of transfer if a request is received by the date of the Summer Stated Meeting of Presbytery.
  • Approved an application form for those desiring to be added to the available supply list.
  • Changed the status of Rev. Dean Turbeville from without call to laboring-outside-the-bounds-of- presbytery at the Sovereign Grace Presbyterian Church (PCA), Charlotte, NC.
  • Dealt with difficulties in the Progressive Church, Princeton, NC, giving Rev. Percy Coleman a three-month sabbatical, naming Rev. Tim Robinson as supply minister – dissolving the Session, and appointing a Provisional Session.
  • Heard an address from Lynn Robinson, president of First Presbyterial.
  • Heard an address from Rev. Mark Creech from the Christian Action League in reference to the vote on the Marriage Amendment to the NC Constitution on May 8.
  • Approved Elders for the Provisional Session of the Fuller Memorial Church, Durham, to replace elders who had resigned.
  • Appointed a Provisional Session for the Grace Leith Church, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Changed the call of Rev. Jarvis Ross to bi-vocational.
  • Released the Big Story Mission, Greensboro, NC, from oversight and suspended financial support.
  • Approved a memorial to Synod requesting a special committee to be formed to study the question of what constitutes a call to ministry.
  • Learned that three potential sites for ARP Retirement Homes were being assessed.
  • Answered a complaint against the Covenant of Grace Session, Winston-Salem, NC, referencing a previous action of the Presbytery.
  • Deferred to the Summer Stated Meeting; the report of a special committee to amend the Manual of Procedure concerning the treasurer and Stewardship & Finance Committee.
  • Approved as a first reading to the Manual of Procedure a recommendation from the Program Committee to move the winter stated meeting to the 4th Tuesday of January.
  • Received an update on selling All Saints Church property and the Asheville property.
  • Learned the deed to the Hephzibah Church had been transferred to that congregation.
  • Learned the deed to the Matthews Korean Church had been signed over to the Presbytery until details of the sale of the property to the Moak Yaung Church are worked out.

Judi Hodges Receives Julia Rhodes Award
Former ARP Missionary and Director of Christian Education Judi Hodges was surprised when she heard her name called at an Erskine Seminary Bowie Chapel service on April 11. Hodges had guests visiting from Germany and brought them with her to the special chapel service at the urging of CEM Executive Director Brent Turner. As she sat behind her guests, translating what speakers were saying, she suddenly stopped mid-sentence when she realized Rev. Doug White was talking about her.

“I heard my name, then realized he was saying that I was the recipient of the Julia Hardeman Rhodes Award!” Hodges said. “I never suspected it would be me!”

“She grew up an ARP , worked hard for the denomination and was committed to education,” Rev. White said.

Born the fourth of seven children in a farming family of the Back Creek ARP Church, she grew up doing chores, milking cows and loving the country. A university education in foods and nutrition took her first to work at Memorial Mission Hospital, then to Appalachian State University. There, she also continued her participation in an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship chapter until she was led by the Lord to enter graduate school at Reformed Theological Seminary.

Her master’s degree in Christian education took her to Neely’s Creek ARP Church in Rock Hill, SC, where she served for 14 years before joining the staff of World Witness as a missionary to Berlin, Germany. Hodges worked with a team of missionaries planting churches in the former communist-controlled areas of Berlin. After seeing the most recent church turned over to national leadership, she returned to the U.S. She is now serving as training coordinator for Christian Education Ministries.

Women’s Ministries Coordinator Elizabeth Burns was guest speaker: “In a day and time when women were suppressed and confined – not only in the church – but in society as a whole, Julia Rhodes saw the need to encourage and equip women to fulfill the purpose for which they were created and called: to glorify God and enjoy Him forever!”

Alice Gore, co-president of Women’s Ministries at Louisville (GA) ARP, where Julia Rhodes attended church, gave a brief history, telling how the Women’s Ministries’ pioneer had a servant’s heart and a vision to have a women’s organization. Mrs. Rhodes also started The Bulletin – the first women’s magazine, which eventually became the ARP Magazine. WM Louisville Co-president Nancy Jordan gave a prayer of thanksgiving.

(See the July/August issue of the ARP Magazine to see photos of the award presentation and a portrait of Julia Rhodes, which was unveiled at the April 11 service).

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