Psalm of the Month


By A.C. Bridges
(Originally printed in The ARP Magazine December 1985.)

The TUNE is set to a metrical Psalm version in Bible Songs, and thus our Bible Song-of-the-Month might well be No. 3 in Bible Songs entitled “The Kingship of Jesus,” set to this tune.

This is a metrical version of the first eight verses of Psalm 2.  Dr. G. Campbell Morgan says of this Psalm that “to whatsoever king the words first applied, the singer was looking to the ideal King, and his song has found fulfillment in Christ.”

There were and still are nations in opposition to the Lord and His King.  But even though nations oppose Him, He has appointed His King.  Since this Psalm has as its theme the Kingship of Jesus and since it is set to a tune we think of at Christmas, it would be appropriate to sing this Bible Song during the Christmas season.

(This Psalm is now found in The ARP Psalter page 2 “Why Do Gentile Nations Rage?” and in the Bible Songs number 3.)

Click here for the music tune.

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