Synod 2021 Changes Location

During a called meeting of the Executive Board yesterday, reports were heard from Synod Officers and the President of Bonclarken regarding concerns about the June meeting of the General Synod. These concerns centered on the social distancing and mask requirements in effect in North Carolina.

After hearing the discussion, a motion was passed as follows,

That the Executive Board recommends to the Moderator that the 2021 Synod be moved from Bonclarken to Columbia, SC.

The Moderator has acted on this recommendation and has moved the 2021 Synod from Bonclarken Conference Center to First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina, June 8-10.

Many Executive Board members expressed that while these concerns are valid, they regret moving Synod away from Bonclarken.

Please continue to check your email and the ARP website for more details.

Susan Tanner
Director of Communications

4 thoughts on “Synod 2021 Changes Location”

  1. Synod really needs to be at Bonclarken. Monies were pulled away for 2 years and Bonclarken needs the support of our leaders. Respectful of any final decision. But I felt you need to know how a lay person felt.

  2. I agree with the statement of Debbie McLean. Synod meeting should be at Bonclarken. Check with governmental agencies to seek an exception.

  3. There are many reasons Synod needs to be at Bonclarken, I agree with the above stated reasons, plus the housing and activities are more conducive to families who may accompany the delegates.

  4. While totally respectful of the difficulty of this decision, my question is, have the camps, retreats, and/or FBC been effected? What is the difference in how people are housed and grouped for these events?

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