Update on Smith Family

Rev. David Smith called to update us on his family. His daughter had surgery today on her jaw. Surgery went well and she is in recovery. There is not a break in her clavicle but a lot of soreness. Tracy is doing well and has been able to be with their daughter. Rev. Smith is traveling back and forth from Greensboro to Knoxville, TN to be with his family. Please continue to pray for them in the days ahead.


Original Post 6/17/21

We just received word that David Smith’s (pastor at Covenant Fellowship ARP in Greensboro, NC) wife and daughter were in a terrible traffic accident when they were side-swiped by a tractor-trailer. Katherine has a broken clavicle and jaw, along with a puncture wound to her left shoulder and various other cuts but she is in good spirits. Tracy has several lacerations from broken glass, but is otherwise okay. Pray for them as they are in pain and facing treatment. The Lord certainly protected them so offering praise is in order as well.


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  1. Praying for the Smith family. I pray for a rapid recovery for Mom and Daughter. I’m also paying for safe travels for Rev. Smith. May God’s angels give you special protection on these long journeys. A couple of years ago my son had a fractured jaw. It’s a long slog, with feeding being a main challenge. And yet I am confident that the God Who causes all thing to work for good for his saints will use this affliction to grow your daughter in grace!

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