April Birthdays

Happy birthday to the following from our prayer calendars in The ARP Magazine.

1 David Vickery, Retired Synod Employee; John Kimmons, Retired Minister

5 Don Watkins, Retired Minister

6 Ed Knaperek, Retired Synod Employee

Ed Fleagle, Retired Minister

8 Conrad Cheatham, Retired Minister

9 Bill Harris, Jr. and Charles Steele, Retired Ministers

12 Don Schwencer, Retired Missionary

13 Mrs. Lionel (Avanelle) Morgan, Minister’s Widow; Donald Holloway and Bob Wilson, Retired Ministers

14 Stephen Crotts, Retired Minister

15 David Setzer and Ron Pritts, Retired Ministers

16 George McBane, Retired Minister

18 Mrs. J. G. (Mary) McClelland and Mrs. J. W. (Suzanne) Fletcher, Minister’s Widows

21 John Farrar, Retired Minister

24 Kerry Ptacek, Retired Minister

26 Ronald Beard, Retired Minister

27 James MacLeod and Herschel Carlson, Retired Ministers