Announcement & Prayer Request

Jan Tankersley

Pray for the wife of Rev. Mark Tankersley, pastor of Gaston Community Church. Jan was admitted into Atrium Health Pineville/Charlotte last night at 2:00am after being home for a week recovering from the gallbladder surgery (Dec. 30) and the follow up surgery to put stents in the pancreatic duct and the bile duct (January 3). Jan spiked a significant fever yesterday afternoon and the nurse we spoke with encouraged her to go an Emergency Department, which we did at 6:00 last night. We just spoke with the doctor this morning who did her surgery and she said that she believes that this high fever was likely resulting from her body’s reaction to the removal of the drainage tube yesterday that Jan has had in her abdomen for ten days. The CT scans looked good and don’t show any significant infection, and the white cell count numbers which had gotten very high last night have started to go down. They are going to keep treating her with antibiotics today and tonight and if she makes progress she should be able to go home tomorrow.

Steve Kern’s Funeral Changes

Due to the winter storm potentially coming our way and the possibility of roads not being clear and safe for travel, Steve Kern’s funeral has been moved to WEDNESDAY, January 19th. Times will remain the same with Visitation from 9:30-10:45AM and the Service at 11AM.

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