Annual Day of Prayer

Outreach North America sent out a reminder that General Synod set aside today, September 11 for each ARP Church to pray specifically against oppression. We would ask that all congregations pray for our brothers and sisters around the world who are persecuted because of their faith in Christ.


Synod 2013

“A Motion Carried that:
The General Synod of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church encourage each presbytery and congregation of the denomination (a) to participate in an annual Day of Prayer against Oppression, (b) to encourage other Christian congregations and denominations to join with our congregations in the same private and/or public undertaking, (c) to set September 11 as that annual day, (d) to mark that day in the Plan Book, and (e) to instruct Outreach North America to send a timely reminder to each presbytery and include it in their publication as appropriate.

Rationale: Christian societies, organizations, and enterprises, nationally and internationally, are experiencing increasing aggressive resistance and oppression from many quarters.

Christians have a perpetual and daily scriptural mandate to inform others of the Christian message of peace among men on all levels of human life in all nations, hence on spiritual, social, and political levels.

Participation in and fostering of a national day of prayer that is distinct from the National Day of Prayer and whose emphasis is against oppression in general will highlight the distinctively Christian teaching and practice of god’s love for all the people of the world, a love that sets human beings free spiritually and promotes both social and political freedoms, a love that is the basis of peace among men.” Minutes of Synod 2013 pg. 211-212

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