Appreciating Your Pastor

Many people have complex relationships with their pastors because faith, church, and God involve a mix of emotions. We have particular ideas about church practices, congregational priorities, the minister’s use of time, money, authority, and more.

But most pastors are deeply devoted to Christ and believe that God has called them to serve in a certain place. They have the best of intentions and work hard to share the good news of the gospel. So, in honor of Pastor Appreciation Month, consider the following:

God doesn’t call the qualified; he qualifies the called. Your pastor may need time to learn and develop certain skills. (Everyone does!) Bless pastors with your patience.

We don’t change the message; the message changes us. You probably won’t like all of your pastor’s sermons or newsletter columns. But instead of complaining, ponder what may rub you the wrong way because God is trying to change you. Keep an open mind and heart.

Pray for your pastor. Pray often and caringly for your pastors, church leaders, and their families. The role is challenging, so support them spiritually and ask God to reveal his love and grace to these special servants.

Taken from “The Perth Press.”

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