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Hurricane Updates

Florida ARP Churches

North Creek ARPC. Quite a few in the church lost their power and some are still without. A number of folks evacuated and are making their way back. The church itself lost a large section of gutter and had a lot of tree damage, but otherwise seems to have come through without major problems. Mark Bolhofner

Christ ARPC. The church lost its sign out front. Greg Conover

Hope ARPC, Tampa, FL. We had some damage to the roof over hang and our office house/youth building did have some water come through the door, but nothing loss. The Church members have also done well with about half, including me, losing power for a few days. The Church had power the whole time. No major issues reported by any of our members. Tom Edwards

Faith, Merritt Island.  No major damage to homes or structures. Most of our members lost power and water since Sunday. Power has been restored to many, but still no water as there were numerous breaks in the line. All things considered we are in great shape, just minor inconveniences. Bobby Adams
Lake Wales ARPC. We had some trees down and lots of limbs, branches, and leaves in yards and on houses. Most people have spent the last two days cleaning up their yards. Many lost power, though some have had it restored already. There is no structural damage to the church building and everyone is safe. We are grateful to God for keeping folks safe. We are also pleased to see many of our people helping one another, their neighbors, and the community in general. Chad Reynolds
Trinity ARPC.  No building damage.  The Church lost one tree and several big branches from other trees.  14 people stayed in our Activity Center and had a good time – they only lost electricity for about 5 minutes!  The Chinese Church also reports no injuries or major damage in the storm. Jac Coad
Grace ARPC. Many of us are without power.  We are going on 72 hours with an estimate of all done by Sundayat 12.59pm.  The church has a huge downed oak and canopy damage that has some dangerous limbs in it.  The building is fine and has power.  We plan to have a service of thanksgiving for God’s mercy and blessings.  Kim Payne
Bartow ARPC. The church is stlll without power, as are many of our members.  We are preparing a contingency plan for worship in the event power is not restored by Sunday morning.  We lost the roof over our kitchen, including the roof mounted AC unit and the chimney over the hood vent.  We also lost many shingles off the roof of our fellowship hall and had leaks throughout our facility. Rob Patrick

Morning Star, Vero Beach, FL. All is well. No major damage to any of our flock’s houses. Church building came through without being touched. We only have one member still without power. Dennis Rupert

Georgia ARP Churches

Louisville ARPC, GA. Power is still out even today in some spots in Jefferson County but all of our members are safe.  Bill Cain
Peachtree Corners ARPC, GA. The church lost telephone service Monday and yesterday, but no power loss. Phil Porter
Hopewell ARPC, GA. At the church, we were merely inconvenienced by losing power for 10-12 hours & we suffered the loss of two tree limbs.  Tanner Cline
This is not a complete list of church updates from those effected by the Hurricanes but these are the ones we have heard from as of today.

The Good Samaritan Relief Fund

Group_2_hero_900x600The Good Samaritan Fund has been set up an online with a giving link for Hurricane Irma Disaster Relief:
The link for Hurricane Harvey remains in effect. These will be accounted and dispersed separately. You may give online or by mailing a check to The ARP Center, 918 S. Pleasantburg Dr., Ste. 127, Greenville, SC 29607. If you have any questions, please contact the ARP Center 864-232-8297.