ARP News

Looking for a Picture

Rev. John Kimmons is looking for a picture taken with fellow ARPs. He and his wife were on a trip in August 2015 at Glacier National Park. They were getting on a boat with 20 others and discovered eight of those 20 were ARPs. They had a picture taken together but they didn’t get their names or any other information. If you know someone that might have taken this trip in August, please contact us

Flood Relief Fund Update

12113360_10153014991996809_6709201722376086084_o(Below is a portion of the letter from Rev. Derek Thomas, Senior Minister of First Presbyterian Church in Columbia, SC)

Churches and individuals from all over the country have sent us donations and this has touched our people deeply. We have been able to help families try and put their lives together again, giving them gift cards so they can purchase clothes and children’s shoes, material things that were urgently needed.

But larger questions now arise. Few had flood insurance. Some are facing the prospect of having to pay a mortgage on a piece of property that has been condemned, or cars that were “totals” due to water damage.

We have therefore established a Disaster Relief Task Force – half a dozen “experts” in the field of banking, insurance, construction, and law to ascertain how best to employ the funds we have received. We are consulting churches in other parts of the country who faced similar losses in the past to ascertain what wisdom we can acquire.

Your own contributions have thus far pushed the fund over $600,000. And more has been promised. This is a large sum of money, but frankly, it would barely pay the recovery cost of ONE of our victims.

I give this information in the interests of full disclosure so that you can be assured that your contribution will be used wisely and compassionately. We intend that every dollar be given away in some form or another, as soon as it is deemed possible.

Ministerial Opportunities

If you are seeking a church, a pastor, or a staff member be sure to check out the website below. If you would like to add your church to this list or update your listing, please contact