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Louisiana Flooding

2016-03-10 16.22.15Calhoun Presbyterian Church is slowly drying out from the current flooding in Louisiana. Below is a note from their pastor, Blake Law.

You may have heard that our area has experienced some severe flooding. We have seen waters rising all around us and it has washed out several roads. Thankfully, none of our church members have suffered much damage or loss, though some have been stranded for a day or two while waiting for waters to recede. It seems the worst of it is over.

Unfortunately, our church building became flooded due to the torrents of water coming off a nearby embankment. The water was enough to seep under the doorways and completely soaked the carpet of the church. The Lord was very gracious to us, however, because we were able to 2016-03-10 17.29.15form a crew and do a great deal of clean-up today. We had to move everything in the church to “higher ground” in the Fellowship Hall while vacuuming out the water. Right now, we have blowers and fans running and things are looking good for a full restoration by the Lord’s Day. What an answer to prayer! We have also sandbagged part of the church exterior to prevent more runoff from infiltrating. 

This is the worst flood in these parts that anyone can remember. Pray for us and that the Lord would be faithful to show kindness to us and to our neighbors. Our church is slowly drying out. We continue to pray it will be ready for worship on the Lord’s Day and there will be no long-term damage. More than this, we pray for our neighbors in this area who have lost so much!

Blessings in Christ,



2016-03-10 15.23.30Clerk of Session, Kensill Brewer, is washing off silt left from the flood waters.