ARP News

The ARP Center is Moving

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 3.09.38 PMA new property has been purchased for the ARP Center at 918 S. Pleasantburg Drive in Greenville, SC. Renovations will be performed prior to the move of the ARP Center with the move expected around mid-summer.   The new property is a larger and newer facility and is conveniently located near major highways in Greenville.

The existing ARP Center facility was sold last fall.  The increase in the value of the land in downtown Greenville along with a significant charitable contribution by the seller of the new property enabled the purchase of the new facility.

As the ARPC moves forward with our new facility, let us not forget the vision of C.R. Younts. It all began when Dr. Younts established, in Atlanta, the Office of Inter-Board Services that helped centralize the work of the denomination. Dr. Younts later supported and generously financed the move from Atlanta to Greenville and through the Camp-Younts Foundation provided the denomination with the current ARP Center.