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ORLANDO, FL, December 14 — Andrew Brunson, a former ARP pastor, graduate of Erskine Seminary, and son of longtime Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church missionaries, has been charged in Turkey with membership in an armed terrorist organization and sent to prison by the officiating judge. Before being sentenced Brunson had been held without charge in a detention center in Turkey since October 7. He was interrogated without notice on December 9 and imprisoned.

When he was originally detained, his activities were considered by the Turkish government to be “against national security,” but no other reason was given for Andrew’s incarceration and no formal charges had been filed against him.

As of December 8, he had been held without charges for 63 days. In more than two months of detention, Andrew has been permitted only two U.S. consular visits.

The U.S. State Department, Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and other U.S. government officials have been working with leaders of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Brunson’s current church, to gain Brunson’s release. Leaders in the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church have also sought to be of assistance during this time.

Brunson was raised as member of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church and was employed as a pastor of the ARP church, in Turkey, from 1993-2010. He now works as a pastor of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. At the time of his detention, the Brunsons had been trying for five months to renew their resident visas but had not received any response.

The Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church joins the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in the firm belief that Andrew Brunson’s detention is unfounded. The Brunsons have absolutely no connection to any armed terrorist organization in the country where he has lived peacefully for 23 years and where they raised their three children.

Rev. C. Ronald Beard

Principal Clerk, the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church


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