ARP Prayer Requests

Mark McClamrock

Please pray for Rev. Mark McClamrock, pastor of Concord ARP Church. He is in the hospital with an infection in his toe. Pray for wisdom from the doctors and for healing.


Victoria Andes

Update from Rev. Scott Andes, RUF International Campus Minister for the University of South Carolina, on his wife Victoria. The MRI showed the “spot” on her liver was NOT cancerous but a hemangioma (a tangle of blood vessels). No need for a biopsy or surgery for removal. They are grateful for the news and thankful for the prayers.

Report from Canadian Presbytery

On June 28, Canadian Presbytery dissolved the pastoral relationship between Rev. Stephen Richardson and the Faith ARP Church in Tillsonburg, Ontario. This action was at the request of Rev. Richardson, after the congregational vote to withdraw failed.

Further, Rev. Richardson was removed from the roll of the Canadian Presbytery. The Presbytery had called Rev. Richardson to repent for his acting against the process of the court of the Canadian Presbytery and rebuked him for failing to maintain his vows to uphold the Form of Government of the ARP General Synod in his efforts to dissolve relations with the ARP; and further, for acting in schism, or expressing his intention to do so. He was removed with his admission that he planned to conduct worship services outside the bounds of the Canadian Presbytery on July 4, 2021, and by his actions in aligning with a non-NAPARC group. This action was done per the ARPC book of discipline chapter 8.1.   In further actions, the Presbytery accepted the resignation of one elder and put the other elder on sabbatical (as per his request). The Faith ARP church was placed back on Mission status, and a provisional session with an interim moderator was appointed.

Update from Rev. David Smith

Update from Rev. David Smith, pastor of Covenant Fellowship ARP Church. Our daughter, Katherine is improving. She is now able to take soft food that requires no chewing, in addition to liquids. The stitches in her shoulder have dissolved, but she will have to wait until later to get the stitches under her chin removed. He left shoulder and both her knees are continuing to give her discomfort, but they have improved and she began physical therapy on them. We are still looking at approximately 5-7 more weeks of her jaw being wired. We daily thank the Lord for his protection of them, and are so very thankful for the prayers of many within the denomination.

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