ARP News Update

Day of Prayer

images-26During Synod 2013, the motion was passed to mark September 11 as the annual Day of Prayer against Oppression. Each presbytery and congregation of the denomination is encouraged to participate. 

One example from an ARP congregation is the church will be open for 24 hours to allow church members and members of the community to join in the time of prayer. Reverend Patrick Malphrus, Devenger Road ARP Church (Greenville, SC) invites others to join them or do the same at your church.

Update on Kingswood’s Son

I would like to thank everyone for their prayers.  I have received countless emails, texts, and phone calls from our ARP family.  When Philip heard about all the people praying his comment was, “No wonder I’m so chill about all this!”  All of the staff, surgeons, nurses, physiotherapists, have commented on his attitude and he is quick to give thanks to Jesus Christ.  For that we are most thankful of all!


Central Services Announcement

Information to assist church treasurers and diaconates in planning their 2014 budgets has been sent out to churches by email today.  Those whose email addresses are not on file in Central Services will receive the information through the postal service.