ARP News Update

A Time of Prayer for Synod

Submitted by Kyle Sims

Y93A1113Last year we had called the Synod to a day of prayer for the upcoming Synod. The Lord blessed us with a great meeting of the General Synod. We again want to seek the Lord as we prepare for the upcoming meeting and to give thanks for what He did last year. 

This year many of us will be gathering on May 23 to pray for our Synod. Lee Shelnutt and I will be hosting a prayer meeting at RTS-Charlotte in the A Building from 10am to 12pm.

The ARP Center is putting together a prayer meeting at the Center in Greenville. We are working on other prayer meetings around the Synod and will announce them as they materialize.

Q & A For Book of Discipline

Members of the Special Committee to Revise the Book of Discipline invite all interested Synod delegates to a Question and Answer Forum, Tuesday, June 10, during lunch in Dining Room B at Bonclarken.  The purpose of the forum is to discuss proposed changes to the Book of Discipline and to receive your comments, suggestions, and questions.

Lunch will begin at 12:30 PM, and the forum will conclude by 2:00 so that you may attend the Opening Worship Service for the Meeting of Synod.

We look forward to meeting with you.

Eric Ruschky, Committee Chairman

Alex Coblentz

Louis DiBiase

Patrich Malphrus

Kevin Carter

Notice of Good Samaritan Offering

images-13In the wake of tornadoes and storms earlier this week that caused damage and loss of life in several southern states, Synod has opened its Good Samaritan Offering for any individual or group who wishes to make a financial contribution for relief efforts.  At this point, we know of one community near Pottsville, Arkansas that was essentially destroyed.  ARP minister Howard  Wheeler has been involved in working with people in that community.

If you know of other needs in areas where ARPs can be of assistance, please contact the Office of Central Services at 864-232-8297.

Donations to the Good Samaritan Offering will be taken through May 31, 2014.  Please send contributions to:

ARP Central Services

One Cleveland Street

Greenville, SC 29610

Make checks payable to:  ARP Good Samaritan Offering.

In Christ,

Paul Bell

Executive Director, ARP Central Services

Old Brick Church Work Day

images-36Our clean-up is scheduled for Saturday, 24 May; assemble by 10 am. We welcome any help. Like last year, we plan to trim bushes and to “round-up” needed areas and the graveyard wall. Our main focus will be the limbs and logs that are on the ground on the outside of the graveyard on the east and south sides. This residue is from the trees we had taken down along the wall on April 2.
Equipment to bring: chain saw, bush/hedge trimmer, hand tools, weed-eater, sprayer, etc. I’ll bring my chain saw, hedge trimmers, shovel, pick, ax, rake. I have enough round-up concentrate to prepare a good 50 gallons. I am not anticipating that we’ll clean any stones, but that option is there. Our jug of cleaner and a couple of brushes are in the building.
Believe it was Napoleon who said, “an army travels on its stomach.” Please let me know by May 16  if anyone is accompanying you so I can get a head-count for box lunches.
We don’t have an inclement weather plan. We will just make a call as the day approaches.
Oliver Johnson