ARP News Update

A Note From Your Principal Clerk

Your Executive Board has taken the first preparatory steps toward the historical occasion of the concurrent (joint) Synod meeting with the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America next year. A proposed schedule of worship and the churches’ business has now been approved.

This will be the 184th meeting of the Synod of the RPCNA and the 211th meeting of the General Synod of the ARPC, and it will be held at Bonclarken in June.

Those who might be interested in learning more about this denomination with whom we share so much history are encouraged to visit the RPCNA website,

The ecclesiastical rationale for such a meeting is found in both denominations.

An excerpt from the RPCNA Covenant of 1871 reads: “ …believing the church to be one, and that all the saints have communion with God and with one another in the same Covenant; believing moreover, that schism and sectarianism are sinful in themselves, and inimical to true religion, and trusting that divisions shall cease, and the people of God become one Catholic church over all the earth, we will pray and labor for the visible oneness of the church of God in our own land and throughout the world…”

The Standards of the ARP Church affirm that, “There is but one Church set forth in the Scriptures. This Church in all ages is one and the same, and consists of those who by faith are in the Lord Jesus Christ.” (1.4) and, “ The visible unity of the Church, though obscured, is not destroyed by its division into different denominations of professing Christians; and all of those maintaining the Word and the Sacraments of the Lord Jesus Christ in their fundamental integrity are to be recognized as branches of this one visible Church.” (1.5)

Neither denomination has plans for organic union at this time. Perhaps the best statement is found in the report of the Interchurch Committee of the RPCNA: “Please be praying for this…To be clear, this is not a proposal to join together blindly. Rather it is a serious call to pray for and draw close to this sister church who holds dear many of the same aspects of the Reformed faith.”

May it be so.

Ron Beard, Principal Clerk, ARPC


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Senior Pastoral Opportunity at First ARP Burlington

First ARP Burlington is seeking a Senior Pastor who can preach and teach the Gospel with passion and one who can graciously and professionally manage staff roles, delegate responsibility wisely, address and resolve conflicts, and communicate the vision and direction for the church.  Also he would love and shepherd all the people of this congregation and his interactions with them would reflect the love of Christ. Contact Bill Haynes, Chairman of the Pastoral Search Committee by email