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A Note From Our Moderator

0714 Littlejohn headshotIt doesn’t seem that long ago we were wondering what the new century would hold. Now 15 years into it, we can see the importance of investing in things that matter. Today I challenge you to consider doing so in two very practical ways, one free and one not.

Next month just prior to the Board of Trustees’ meeting, I have the privilege of giving greeting on your behalf at the Erskine Spring Convocation. I would like to be able to say that Erskine enjoys the support of the churches in our denomination. Sadly, this is not the case; as of January 15, only nine congregations have given donations to this year’s annual fund since the fiscal year began last July 1.

It would be a great encouragement to the entire staff, faculty, and student body if each church would send an annual fund gift prior to the February board meeting. The amount is not as important as the message of support which it will convey. Dr. Kooistra and his leadership team have made difficult decisions in an effort to redirect Erskine on a healthy path fiscally and philosophically. All stakeholders at Erskine have make sacrifices. 

Now is the time for the churches to step up and support our college and seminary both prayerfully and financially. I realize this relationship has experienced rocky times in the past, but the present is encouraging and the future promising. Without reservation I say, “This relationship is worthy of your pursuit!”

The other relationship I encourage is with ARP News Update and The ARP Magazine, your denominational publications. Use them as informational and prayer guides. The ARP News Update goes out on an as-needed basis. It is a great way for churches and central office personnel to communicate with a large audience quickly and without cost. Starting this month, The ARP Magazine is now available as a free online resource. It is a great way to strengthen your denominational ties. 

I applaud Susan Tanner’s and her staff’s work; they look for ways to make The ARP Magazine attractive and engaging. The January/February magazine focuses on adoption. Check it out at here. You will be blessed by those who share their adoption stories. You will read about God’s work through your denominational ministries. You might even enjoy the moderator’s challenge and Harper Price’s emphasis articles.

If you are a pastor or elder reading this News Update​, remember to share with your church members how they can subscribe to these two relational resources. May God continue to bless you during this New Year, and may you faithfully make His imprint on lives in your church and community.

Larry Littlejohn, moderator

The new edition of our Form of Government is online

Don’t Forget to Register

9013299994_5d6bf6baca_kChristian Education Ministries will host a Camp Joy Vision Dinner, February 7 at Bonclarken Conference Center. Dr. Brent Turner, Director of Christian Education Ministries, and Rev. Bob Whittet, Christian Education Ministries Board Chairman, will give an overview on the new vision for Camp Joy and Mrs. Ann Brice, Director of Camp Joy, will review us on the historical past of Camp Joy. Our main speaker, Dr. Boyce Wilson, Retired Pastor of Ebenezer ARP in Rock Hill, SC, former ARP Missionary, and Associate Pastor of the Church of the Atonement in Bethesda, MD, will challenge us on giving of our time, talents and treasure to the Lord. Mr. George Fields, Camp Joy Music Ministry Director, along with staff, campers and counselors will give a presentation on how Camp Joy ministers to those with special needs. An added bonus will include honoring Mrs. Ann Brice, the 2015 recipient of the Julia Hardeman Rhodes Award.

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Sanctity of Human Life

575448_450653065036777_1666480172_nThis Sunday, January 25, marks Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Please pray for all unborn children, children of our country, new parents and legislators during this time.