ARP News Update

Invitation from Vice Moderator of Synod

Dear ARP Churches,

As you know, this year we will have the privilege of having our Synod meeting concurrently with the Reformed Presbyterian Church North America’s Synod, at Bonclarken.  We will each be having our separate business sessions, but there will be numerous opportunities for us to worship together as well as learn about our various ministries.  What a historic and wonderful opportunity this affords us!  

We are grateful to our RPCNA brothers for their willingness to travel and be with us for this special week.  In coming to us, they are incurring additional travel expenses over their normal Synod expenses.  Their willingness to do so is a testimony of the value they place on our fraternal relationship with them.  

Part of being in a fraternal relationship with another denomination means that under the oversight of our various presbyteries and sessions, we can have pulpit exchanges with ministers from these other denominations.  As your Inter-Church Relations Committee discussed matters of the concurrent Synods, the idea arose to encourage our ARP churches within driving distance of Bonclarken to consider inviting an RPCNA minister to preach on either the Sunday before or the Sunday following Synod.  Therefore, on behalf of our Moderator, Mr. Larry Littlejohn, our Moderator-Elect, Rev. James Hunt, and the Inter-Church Relations Committee, I ask the sessions of the churches within driving distances to consider the possibility of extending such an invitation to an RPCNA minister.  Those sessions desiring to make a connection to RPCNA ministers are asked to contact me at, and I will forward your contact information to our counterparts in the RPCNA.

Please prayerfully consider partnering with our brothers, aiding them as they seek to worship with us and conduct Christ’s business in their own denomination this coming summer.  For example, church members can open up their homes to host and enjoy fellowship with our fraternal brothers, or your church may consider assisting with hotel and transportation expenses.  Not only will this help minimize costs through our partnership, but it will also strengthen the ties that bind us in our union with Christ.  More than that, however, your congregations and ministers will undoubtedly be blessed by this opportunity to hear from another faithful minister of Christ’s glorious Gospel.  

Grace & Peace,

Rev. Lee Shelnutt

Vice Moderator of Synod

Pastor, Huntersville ARP Church


FLAT ROCK: Beautiful wooded .98-acre lot just outside Bonclarken’s back gate in Pinecrest Estates. Bonclarken’s lake, swimming pool and Youth Activities Building are just a few steps away. If interested, please contact Rev. Bob Elliott at 803-627-6286 or at