ARP News Update

A Note from the Moderator

0714 Littlejohn headshotLet us be found faithful! 

The current proliferation of misinformation regarding the Statement on Human Sexuality adopted a few weeks ago by the Erskine Board of Trustees should not surprise us. The one who is the enemy of all good uses deception and lies to divide and destroy as he has since the beginning of time. In the midst of darkness, thankfully we serve a God who is truth, goodness, and light.

Therefore, it is fitting that the Board affirms a position statement embodying the truth as presented in the Holy Scriptures. To do otherwise is cowardly in a day-and-age when boldness is needful. Only truth spoken in love sets one free. (See Ephesians 4:15)

As Erskine goes through this time of testing and sifting, pray for Dr. Kooistra’s opportunities to faithfully spread the light, for other staff and student leaders’ continuing dialog on campus and in the greater Erskine family, and for the evil one’s destructive efforts to be thwarted. Pray for liberty for the captives through the power of the gospel. (See Luke 4:18)

Erskine Board Chair Bill Cain reminds us at each meeting that prayer is not just a preliminary to the work; prayer is the work. We can support those on the front line. Let us be found faithful!

Julia Hardeman Rhodes Nominations Due

Julia Hardeman Rhodes was a passionate and tireless advocate of creating awareness and action in connecting ARP’s across the denomination. In her honor, this award is to be presented annually to a candidate who has demonstrated excellence in service and dedication in the ARP Church, reflecting the heart of Julia Hardeman Rhodes. Nominations for the 2015 Julia Hardeman Rhodes award are due by August 10. You can find the nomination form and other information in regards to the award on the Christian Education Ministries website by clicking here.