ARP News Update

It’s Official!

In the previous ARP News Update, we stated that three of our ARP Mission schools in Pakistan have been returned to us. Gary Letchworth now sends this photo, taken June 12,  of the official signing and handing over of the official document, signifying the immediate release of the schools.

The schools are: the Girls Mission High School, Sahiwal; ARP Mission Boys Primary School, Chichawatni; and ARP Mission Primary School, Burewala. World Witness director Frank van Dalen has left for Pakistan to assist Letchworth with the details and setup of the schools.

In the photo from left to right:  Letchworth, Rev. Dr. Shamshad John (Pakistan ARP Synod Business Manager), Professor Ghulam Abbas Sargana (Additional Secretary of Education, Punjab Government), and Zubair Khan (Deputy Secretary Law Officer).

Letchworth writes: Thirty seven years ago, ten ARP Mission Schools were nationalized and taken from the Mission overnight.  However, today was indeed a “day of miracles.”  Since1987, after many efforts by the Mission, I wrote the first letter to the education department, requesting the denationalization of our 10 Mission schools. But nothing was accomplished by this letter or the efforts of others until 2007.

On April 4, 2007, we began the process in earnest with the blessing of Frank van Dalen.  After one trip to Islamabad and 47 trips to Lahore, and hours in office after office, and with the intercessory help of Bryan Hunt, US Consul General, Lahore, and the faithful service of Rev. Shamshad John, who spent hours in offices and traveling; and as a result of hours of prayers by God’s people all over Pakistan and the World, I have had the joy of seeing God do a miracle in our day.  “Praise God from whom all blessings flow.”

After some intense negotiations with the Secretary of Education this morning, God gave us the victory.  He ordered the denationalization of three of our schools with immediate effect, and ordered the Additional Secretary to telephone the district education officials and inform them that the schools have been denationalized and handed over to “private management,” and to shift the present teaching staff to other schools as soon as possible.  That was done in our presence.

Rejoice with me!  Thank you for your love, encouragement and prayers!  The other seven schools are to be handed over at a later date, the Lord willing.