ARP News Update

Messages from Central Services:

Statistical Reports are due Feb. 1, 2013.

Nominations recommendations are due Feb. 1, 2013.

Synod Registration 2013 is now open.
Remember: Registering online prior to April 30 assures that Synod reports will be mailed to you on May 10.

Plan Book 2013
By now, you should have received a copy of the 2013 Synod Plan Book. The calendar lists the meeting dates of all boards and committees submitted to our office by the publication deadline last fall. Dates for these meetings are also listed on the online calendar at As we receive new information, the online calendar is updated.

Because so many people throughout the denomination make plans based on what is printed in the Plan Book, we encourage you not to change meeting dates unless it is absolutely necessary. However, if circumstances dictate changes to your plans, or if you need to schedule an additional meeting or event, please contact Central Services ( first to determine available dates before contacting your board and committee members. Doing so will help us in updating our calendar as needed and will help to avoid problems that arise when meetings are scheduled concurrently.

Additional copies of the 2013 Synod Plan Book are available <while supplies last> by contacting Christian Education Ministries (

It is a pleasure and a privilege to support the work of the agencies, boards, committees, and congregations of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church as we all work together to further the Kingdom of God.