ARP News Update

God, do it again!

Considering the myriad of people who live in the area surrounding our churches, the impact each church has in its particular area often seems miniscule.

Is there any hope for making a broader impact on our culture?  The testimony of history is a resounding, “YES!”

In the March/April issue of the ARP Magazine, Pastor Peter Kemeny, of Good News ARP Church in Frederick, MD, says God has brought about spiritual awakenings before, and He can do it again.

During the first Great Awakening of the mid-18th century in Britain and America and the second Great Awakening, hundreds of thousands of people were admitted into full membership of the Christian Church in America.  When you remember the population numbers back then, you can see the significance.

Our confidence that spiritual awakenings may again come, lies not in our ingenuity, techniques or gimmicks, but in the promise and power of God,” Rev. Kemeny said.

If God has done this before, can he not do it again?  To this end, what kind of people should we be? “We should be steadfast in prayer, serious about holy lives, faithful in proclaiming God’s Word, confident in God’s promises and power.  Daily we should pray – ‘God, do it again!’”

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In next week’s ARP News Update, read how a series of sermons in one Virginia ARP church led to an awakening in the community and became one of the most significant events in the history of the church – when God did it again!