ARP News Update – Live from General Synod

Views Prior to Synod
FLAT ROCK, NC – June 10, 2013:  The number of delegates showing up for Synod 2013 registration today was very sparse.  With high winds and torrential rains making appearances on and off throughout the day, many held off making the trip up the mountain.

With many issues to be brought before Synod, one in particular is still on the minds of many delegates.

Gary Letchworth, retired ARP missionary with World Witness, is disgusted that so many delegates have left Synod early for the last two years.  “It’s a shame, I hope this new arrangement [schedule] works – and if so, we should stick with what works!”

Letchworth says he has been looking forward to revival in midst of Synod for years.  “I prayed for that every year for many years when I was vice moderator. In those days, Synod was just like a camp meeting. If the Spirit of God would just fall among us.  We don’t need controversy; we need to stand for truth, with one heart, one mind – today.

Ron Beard, principal clerk of Synod, – after publishing an article on in The ARP last year when there were not enough ministers and elders present to constitute a quorum – has no expectations for this General Synod meeting.   “We’ll see how it works,” he said.

In the past, Beard says there were no quorum calls – it wasn’t necessary.  “It has become more acute over the past several years,” he said.  Why is this happening?  Beard believes “more and more ministers and elders come as a one-issue candidate,” he said.  “After the particular issue is handled, the delegate leaves.”

Some say the discussions in committees about quorum changes may lead to possible revamping of that issue and could possibly go before Synod next year.  Others say they hope to see changes coming, but not structural changes.  Another delegate sees a problem with some delegates coming from a different system of government, and less acceptance of decisions of General Synod on various issues.

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