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Crenshaw Family Update

Reverend Jason Crenshaw, pastor of Ballston Center ARP Church in Ballston Spa, NY, was in a serious car accident in August with his family. Here is an update from his wife, Taffi, on their 12 year old daughter Jalaa:

When Jalaa was is the hospital, we hoped and prayed that something would click with her and she’d come back to herself- maybe a memory or a song would trigger it. Here we are, going on 9 months later and we’ve come to the reality that this is our reality: She has made great improvement but is not the person she was before the accident.
She is talking much better though I have to remind her to use her voice. She rarely has to use her iPad to communicate anymore! Her right side has regained a slight bit of strength but still needs constant attention. 
Jalaa has temperaments now that are a result of her TBI. Jason confessed one night, “Its like I have a new daughter to care for but haven’t had time to mourn the loss of another one.” However true that is, we are blessed to see glimpses of our ‘old’ Jalaa at times. It comes through in her responses, joking, or some comment she makes that takes us back to sweet memories of her. 
She started ‘school’ this week. I have her enrolled twice a week for a few hours each day in a special education class in our local school. She loves it! The reason behind that is to double up on her therapies. The teachers and therapists at school are working with her therapists at Sunnyview to get Jalaa as much help as possible. We aren’t focusing on academics yet, though, she will be getting an informal assessment. So twice a week she’s in school and twice a week she goes to therapy. Thank you for the prayers.

For summer 2019 we are still in need of:

Male Counselors* (need 8-10 more!)
Assistant Kitchen Manager
Office Assistant
Archery Activity Specialist
Crafts Activity Specialist
Nature/Outdoors Activity Specialist

Wonder Woman (housekeeping, laundry, camp store, and a little of everything else!)

Camp Director, Carrie Browning, is happy to answer any questions or give details!
Click here for more information about the camp.

Bonclarken is currently hosting over 100 volunteers from ARP Churches throughout the denomination to help prepare the grounds for the camps and conferences this summer. They have a variety of projects they are working on such as building bridges to the new youth facility, building a floating dock for the lake, sewing camp pillows, sewing bed runners from old bedspreads to use in Founders Hall, cleaning up the brush, and the list goes on.

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