Change for the Better

By: Dr. John Kimmons, Retired ARP Minister in Grace Presbytery

In pride I sought to be the king
First in all with everything
My life was full of seeking fame
But this pursuit brought only shame

When in the midst of life’s pursuits
This tree was bare with dying roots
Then at the end of all my search
I fell down from my self-made perch

And Jesus Christ so filled a man
Who shared with me God’s perfect plan
Repentance, joy, and peace were found
As the Holy Spirit came down

I then saw Jesus as my King
From pride I fled on eagle’s wing
The Spirit now empowers me
From sin’s pleasures to quickly flee

Now satisfied with what I am
Christ in me, the selfless Lamb
The Spirit now enables me
I’m the man I was born to be

No longer seeking to be king
I’m third in all and everything
A place of new humility
Satisfies God and even me

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