Covenant Presbyterian Mission

Pray for the organizational worship service forĀ Covenant Presbyterian Mission Church today at 5 pm. The church is located in Millers Creek, NC, and is part of First Presbytery.

A mission church (FOG 11.1) is a fellowshipping congregation of Christians, with their children, who are meeting together with the intention of forming an organized congregation of the ARPC. It is distinguished from an organized congregation in that it is not governed by its own Session, but is governed through a Provisional Session appointed by the Presbytery. The goal of the Mission Church FOG (11.2) is to provide worship, pastoral care, and fellowship for a group of believers in a specific geographical area. It is also part of the goal to become an organized congregation with its own Session.

Join me in praying for Covenant Presbyterian Mission and the leadership as they move from a Mission Church to Covenant Presbyterian Church.

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