Dagenhart Update 2

Rev. Barry Dagenhart has had a rough day. While his CT scans have not changed, his demeanor has. After speaking with his Attending Physician and Neurosurgeon, the Dagenharts have made the decision to go into surgery for a craniotomy. This surgery will happen tonight. Please be in prayer for the surgeon, Barry, and the family as they navigate the next few hours and days. They have felt the unceasing prayers and support and continue to seek them.

Post 7/22/23

Reverend Barry Dagenhart had another CT scan this afternoon and is stable. He will be going for an MRI tomorrow morning. Please continue to pray for him, as he still has a terrible headache.

Original Post 7/21/23

Please pray for Retired ARP Minister Reverend Barry Dagenhart. He is in the hospital with a brain bleed.  He will have another CT and MRI tonight to determine if the bleeding has stopped. Barry was diagnosed with a brain bleed earlier today after hitting his head last week.

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  1. Prayers from Faith Presbyterian in Indian Land continue. The pastor at this church was baptized at First ARP where his grandfather Lloyd Bender was choir director.

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