Debt Free

Let us rejoice with Gaston Community Church.
A note from Rev. Mark Tankersley, pastor of Gaston Community Church
From Gaston Community Church we wanted to share that by the grace of God and the generosity of the people of God, we are now, as of MARCH 1, 2022 debt-free at Gaston Community Church. A very generous gift of $90,000.00 plus funds in our Building Fund enabled us to pay off the debt on our Building and Property. We Praise God! What should have taken 15 years was accomplished in six years. Our church began 14 years ago and we met at Gaston Day School for 11 years. Then, by God’s grace, we were able to buy a beautiful piece of property and build our first facility where we have been now for 3 years.
We are encouraging everyone who has been involved to continue to fulfill their Capital Campaign Pledges. There is about $36,000.00 in pledges yet to be paid. The Session has put in place a Capital Improvements Committee that will be meeting and presenting us with a number of possible things we can do on our church property to enhance and advance its use and accessibility. This will give those of us who have still to pay on our pledges a “Vision” of what can be next at our church facility and property.
We will have a service of celebration soon to give praise to God as an act of worship for His moving in our church to help us be debt-free and now better able to serve our community and the world in many more ways.

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