Family Bible Conference Videos

Christian Education Ministries has posted the Family Bible Conference videos online!

There is great content for you from the speakers Dr. Ross and Dr. Gibson. Be enriched as you learn more about The Coming of the Kingdom with talks from the book of Acts and 2 Peter.

There is also a video from Emily Woodward regarding the ARPWM study book for 2020-2021.

Click here to be directed to the videos.

1 thought on “Family Bible Conference Videos”

  1. Thank you for making it possible for us to participate in a form of the Family Bible Conference, this year. This denominational discipleship endeavor has become a highpoint of our walk with the Lord in the context of the communion of the saints. We’ve lost so many great experiences and opportunities this year for fellowship and discipleship, but thanks to your initiative and wisdom we have been able to participate and profit from the 2020 version of Family Bible Conference. Many thanks to all who have contributed!

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