February Birthdays

Happy birthday to the following from our prayer calendars in The ARP Magazine.

1 Judy Doudoukjian, Retired Missionary

5 Robert J. Robinson, Retired Minister

Derek Thomas, Retired Minister

8 Richard P. Shaw and Wyatt Folds, Retired Ministers

13 Roy Beckham (97th) and Gary Letchworth, Retired Ministers

14 Betty Adams, Retired Minister Widow

17 William A. Macaulay, Retired Minister

20 John Cook, Retired Minister

21 Sinclair Ferguson and Robby Bell, Retired Ministers

22 Cecil Young, Retired Missionary

23 Dwight L. Pearson, Retired Minister

26 John Spence, Retired Minister

27 Judith Herrmann, Minister Widow

28 Doug White, Retired Minister

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