Greetings from the Moderator

Dear Friends:

Greetings and blessings to each of you from the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church General Synod. The theme for Synod this year is “To the Ends of the Earth – TOGETHER”

July emphasis – The Imperative – Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 1:8

As Moderator for the next 12 months, I believe it will profit all of us to be in contact occasionally – so that you may know what each month’s emphasis is to be, and for me to stay focused on the main thing of “advancing the Gospel” (with thanks to former Moderator Bill McKay!). I intend to communicate with as many of you as possible through a SHORT email that:

  • Points out the emphasis for that month.
  • Asks you to pray for certain activities and issues.
  • Encourages you in some way to participate in the command Jesus gave us to spread the Good News.

There are several issues that I am asking you to pray for this month:

  1.  For wisdom and discernment as we appoint men to serve on several different committees/commissions that were mandated by Synod in June.
  2. That the dissolution of Second Presbytery be done decently and in order, and for a sense of renewal and welcome be evident within the newly expanded boundaries of Catawba and Tennessee-Alabama Presbyteries.
  3. That each of you makes a new… or renewed… or whatever term you prefer… effort to get out of your “comfort zone” in order to be part of taking the Gospel “to the ends of the earth – TOGETHER”.

This was part of my challenge to the court at Synod last month – to overcome the negative inertia that comes with being comfortable.

It is my prayer that this short note (and the ones that will follow) will be informative and challenging, and I trust that I am not presuming too much in asking you for both your prayers and your consideration as we move through the year.

Serving Him with Joy and Gladness,

Alan J Broyles, Moderator

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