It’s Jesus

It’s not the Christmas season,
Or feasts, or trees, or things,
But the Christ sent down from heaven,
Of Whom the glad heart sings.

It’s not the gift of Christmas,
Or the greetings, novel, gay,
But the Gift of gifts, Christ Jesus,
For Whom we’re glad alway.

It’s not the glitter and sparkle
Of tinsel and stars so bright,
But Jesus for Whom we’re thankful,
For He is the soul’s true Light.

Though richly our lives they’ve blessed,
It’s not the friends at Christmas,
But the Friend of friends, our Savior,
It’s He Who is dearest and best.

It’s Jesus of Bethlehem’s manger,
Of Nazareth, of Calvary, too,
Arisen, ascended, returning,
God’s wonderful Savior for you!


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