July/August 2022 ARP Magazine

Click here to read the latest ARP Magazine. This issue is full of news. The cover story can be found on page 2 spotlighting Gaston Community Church.

Be sure to read the Synod 2022 coverage beginning on page 3 with Pre-Synod followed by Moderator Bill McKay’s theme, “Advancing the Gospel.” Rev. Drew Goodman wrote the Synod Emphasis article, “Advancing with Truth” on page 9. The second Synod Emphasis article, “Advancing┬áthe Kingdom and Missionaries and Educators by Rev. Martin Dendekker can be found on page 14.

Pisgah ARP Church celebrates 225 years on page 26 followed by many exciting events in the denomination.

I hope you will enjoy this edition of The ARP Magazine. If you would like to receive a complimentary print issue, please let me know. God is at work in this denomination and I find it a true joy to get to share these stories. If you or your church would like to submit information or subscribe, email stanner@arpsynod.org or call 864-232-8441.

2 thoughts on “July/August 2022 ARP Magazine”

  1. Chesed ve emet nifgashu!
    Yes, grace and lovingkindness have kissed each other. (On the Rock!)
    Blessings to the Tankersleys and prayers for their efforts at Gaston Community Church

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