June Birthdays

Happy birthday to the following from our prayer calendars in The ARP Magazine. Those listed below are Retired Ministers, Retired Missionaries, Minister’s Widows, or Retired Synod Employees.

1 – Walter DeHart, Retired Minister

6 – John Giddens, Retired Minister

8 – Mrs. John (Peggy) Little

10 – Jerry Berry, Retired Minister

21 – Jamie Hunt and Donald Elliot, Retired Ministers; Sarah Ellen Carson, Retired Missionary

22 – Bill Blakely and Doug Petersen, Retired Ministers

24 – Walter Fleming and Dennis Earl Rupert, Ret. Ministers

27 – Mrs. James (Jennifer) Wittke

29 – Beth Willis and Roger Wiles, Retired Synod Employee

30 – Ashton Stewart, Retired Minister

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