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Attention Korean Churches

All ARP Church governing documents are available in Korean. They can be purchased through the ARP Bookstore and they are available to download through




Totals for DMF in 2020!

Here is the chart for the 2020 Denomination Ministry giving compared to the previous three years. The year finished over the projected budget by $47,000.

More income allows more ministry activity for the Gospel and encourages all our agencies to move ahead. Check for more information about the Denominational Ministry Fund and how you can give. If you have questions about the totals or how agencies use these funds, let me know.

Thank you to our churches that supported the DMF in 2020.



The ARP Magazine

The January/February ARP Magazine is available online. Moderator McGregor encourages ministers and sessions to a few important administrative matters on page 3. Reverend Andrew Di Iulio writes the Synod Emphasis article, “By Way of Grace, Love, and Fellowship,” on page 4.  Contacts for Women’s Ministries can be found on page 19. If you need soup ideas on these cold days, Katey Powell has tips on page 22. Be sure to read about each ARP Agency to stay updated with the denomination.
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