November Birthdays

Happy birthday to the following from our prayer calendars in The ARP Magazine.

1 Paul Pepin, Retired Minister

2 Sally Barker, Minister’s Widow; Neal Mathias, Retired Minister

6 Kathy Warner, Retired Missionary; Delores McDonald, Retired Synod Employee; John Rogers, Retired Minister

7 Edna Larkin, Minister’s Widow

13 Stephen Reynolds, Retired Minister

18 John Tucker, Retired Minister

22 G.J. Gerard, Retired Minister

23  Doug Jones, Retired Minister

25 Tim Robinson, Retired Minister

26 Jeffrey Seeger, Retired Minister


1 thought on “November Birthdays”

  1. Mrs Martha Morris has passed away in Dardanelle, AR. I will try to find obit to post back to you. Thanks for all you do, and we pray regularly for all our folks at ARP Center and agencies.

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