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In the September 20, 1950, ARP Magazine this Mathematic Bible Riddle was included.

Bible Mathematics:

Take the number of pieces of silver Joseph was sold for by his brother, add the number of pieces of silver Judas received as the price of betrayal; subtract the number of pence the Good Samaritan gave to the innkeeper; add the number of Jesus’ disciples; add the number of chapters in the tenth New Testament book and the answer will be the number of books in the Bible.

Try it! Let me know if you do!

3 thoughts on “On This Day”

  1. Susan, I am dead certain that this old, 1950, ARP Magazine, mathematics ‘story problem’ would result in the number ’66’. However, most of the time I am happy just to get my checkbook balance ‘right’. The time that it takes for me to do the more essential things of life (like pay my bills) has kept me from confirming my suspicions about this ‘head teaser’. : )

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