Our Rock

By: Rev. Eric Hancox, Pastor of Covenant of Grace

Brothers and sisters in Christ, as I write, it is my hope and prayer that that, even amidst all that recent times have held, this day finds you resting in the presence, protection, and promises of our great God and Savior.  What a sweet consolation it is to know that, in Christ, the believer has an ever-present rock and refuge, no matter what may come.

Indeed, it is a comfort like no other to know that the Lord is for us a Rock that is higher – greater and stronger – than all our trials.  It is something that David knew well, having learned of the Lord’s might and faithfulness through his own trials, which were many.  When everything around him seemed to be shaking and crumbling, David knew where to turn – crying out in prayer and saying, “Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I” (Ps 61:2).  The believer who has learned, with David, to pray like this when troubles come has learned much.  Indeed, in learning and applying this lesson there is great comfort.

There is the comfort of knowing that the Lord is a Rock that is higher than all of our outward difficulties.  No matter what unforeseen hardship may come our way – whether sickness, financial struggle, relationship problems, persecution, or otherwise – the Lord our God remains sovereign and greater than them all (Ps 115:3; Dan 4:35; Eph 1:11).  Indeed, He rules over them and uses all such things for the believer’s good (Lam 3:38; Isa 45:7; Amos 3:6; Rom 8:28).  Thus, we can flee to Him in prayer and find security in His presence, knowing that He has ordained whatever comes to pass for a wise and loving reason, that He won’t allow it to go further than He means to use it for our true and lasting welfare, that He is fully able to sustain us in the midst of it by His mighty power, and that He will ultimately bring us through it and into His presence forever (Jn 10:27-30; Rom 8:31-39; Jud 1:24-25).  In this knowledge there is peace indeed, allowing the believer to lay down and rest in the strong arms of the Almighty – to hide in the wounded side of our Rock – even when our outward condition remains unchanged.  In learning to pray like David when troubles come, we will find that there is great comfort in knowing that the Lord is a Rock that is higher than all out outward difficulties.

Not only so, but in learning to pray like David, we can find comfort in knowing that the Lord is a firm and fixed Rock, higher than all our inward tossings and turnings.  Though our conscience sometimes strikes at us, our assurance may seem to be all but gone, and our thoughts run to and fro with anxious wonderings about what is or may be, still the Lord our God remains a Rock that stands firm amidst, and towers unshakably above it all.  Our faith may seem to shrink away at times, but He remains the same – always faithful, always true (Mal 3:6; Heb 13:8).  We may prove weak vessels on a storm-tossed sea, fretting and fearful rather than fixing our hope firmly upon our God, but still He remains unmoved and enthroned over it all (Ps 29:10; Jn 6:16-20).  Doubts may threaten to undo us, but His mercy continues to endure forever, unaltered by all our weakness (Ps 136).  Thus, when we’re troubled by storms within, we can run to Him, cast ourselves upon Him, and find Him a Rock to soothe our hearts and steady our minds (Ps 16:11; 68:35; Phil 4:4-7;1 Pet 5:6-7).  What a blessing, then, to know the comfort of having the Lord as our Rock – standing firm and tall in the face of all our inward tossings and turnings!

Whatever the rest of this week, or the rest of your life, may hold, let me encourage you to take David’s prayer and make it your own.  May you and I learn in the time of trouble to say, “Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I” (Ps 61:2).  And, when the Lord has heard and answered us yet again, as He has done a thousand times before, may we be faithful to turn our petition into praise, saying, “You have been my Refuge, a Strong Tower against the enemy” (Ps 61:3).

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