Pastor Appreciation Month

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. While this is made not a national holiday, it is a great time to do a little something extra for your pastor and his family. Ambassador ARP Church in Apex, NC had fun surprising their pastor, Warren Harvey with a tub of Mexican-inspired foods. “You’re NACHO average pastor!” “Let’s TACO about how awesome you are.” Last year, church members wrote notes to Rev. Harvey with a theme, “Thank EWE for shepherding your flock.” He arrived home from a trip to find his yard full of sheep with messages on them.

Here are a few other ideas.

1. Invite Your Pastor To Your Home For A Meal

This can be just a family meal but even more, fun to plan a small group potluck. Keep it simple. Keep it relaxed. Enjoy each other’s company in a natural homey setting.

2. Simple Gifts

Gift cards for coffee and restaurants are always appreciated as are items that are unique to your pastor’s interests.  Do you know their hobbies or pastimes?  If not, find out and help with supplies or items that would encourage them in their favorite pastimes.

3. Share Your Season Tickets

People who attend church come from all walks of life. Some people love the theater, while others are die-hard sports fans. Chances are someone in the congregation has season tickets!

4. Ask If You Can Pray for Them

Ministers are always praying for others. It’s part of their job! Through an email, call, or conversation, ask them what they need prayer for.  After your conversation, follow through and let them know that you prayed. Have you ever written a prayer down and sent it to the individual you are praying for?  Maybe this could be that opportunity. There’s nothing like getting a prayer delivered in the mail.

6. Offer Your Vacation Home For the Weekend or Longer

We don’t all have second homes but those who do usually enjoy sharing them.  Work as a group and pitch in to gift your pastor a weekend getaway. It doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant.

7. Write a Personal Thank You Letter

Thank you letters are often called “old fashioned”, but they never go out of style. Be sure to let your pastor know of a specific sermon topic or moment that was meaningful to you.

8Remember Your Pastor’s Birthday

Put it on the calendar right now and then another date the week before to allow time for buying and sending the card.

10. Date Night for the Pastor

Offer to babysit while the couple spends some quality time together.

11. Drop Off A Homemade Dessert

Everyone loves homemade cake or brownies. Taking the time to make something demonstrates care and effort that a store-bought gift can’t provide (plus it’s usually much cheaper). Surprise your pastor by delivering it to their doorstep (make sure they are home) or leave it on their desk at church.

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