Praise Report

By: Rev. Mark Witte, serving with World Witness in Toledo, Spain

Yesterday, the Iglesia Cristiana Presbiteriana (ICP) Toledo celebrated its first adult profession of faith and baptism!

Over this past year, the Lord has opened their eyes and given saving faith to a new sister in Christ. God has brought her out of a lifetime of atheism and has brought her into His family!

Since before we began to have worship services 4 years ago, our prayer has been that the Lord would bring to saving faith Spanish men and women. We praise God for the first fruits that we are beginning to see in Toledo!

Lord willing, other people will make professions of faith, and this will be the first of many baptisms! God is answering our prayers! Soli Deo Gloria!


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  1. Praise the Lord! My wife, Terry, and I have such fond memories of worshiping at that church back in 2017. The Lord is good…all the time. Bill Jackman

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