Prayer Request

We have an urgent item for prayer from the Canadian Presbytery.

Rev. Curt Van Dyken and his wife Jen are expecting their 5th child and the baby is in breech position. She is scheduled to be induced today, July 15, as they hope for a natural birth. If they are unable to manipulate the baby into the proper position, the baby will be delivered by Caesarean section. As a further complication, Jen was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year and is undergoing chemotherapy. Pray for this family that God’s hand of mercy and comfort be with them in this trial. Rev. Van Dyken is currently serving as the Stated Supply for West River Road Reformed Church in Cambridge, ON. This is a congregation that is hopeful of joining the fellowship of the Canadian Presbytery this fall.

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  1. Just a quick update. An ultrasound showed the baby has turned on his own and Jen will be induced today. Praise God for his tender mercies.

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