Prayer Request

Please pray for Rev. Jim Mitchell and his family. Their house house was hit by a flash flood/mud slide in Tryon, NC.

Crystal writes, “I never realized how fast it could happen. It was fine and then less than a minute later we were terrified. Jim was not home, but the kids and I were. We were able to escape through the woods and hiked to safety, but not without many difficulties and dangers. It was flooding everywhere but not like at our house. Emmy carried Paxton most of the way and I carried Lydia who has a broken foot as long as possible while Rhett carried her crutches. The kids were amazing. We had to crawl, jump, climb, and make very difficult decisions. There were times when I didn’t know what to do due to the flooding around us. We stopped and prayed about each time I couldn’t make a decision and then we would decide. Each time it was the right decision and at least one of those decisions made wrong would have killed us (knowing what we know now). The Lord protected us each step of the way and it was so wonderfully and blatantly obvious. Neighbors that we didn’t know but who were so kind and gracious took us in and sheltered us for the night. Today we saw our house. The basement is full of mud, along with one of the bedrooms. One daughter lost everything including a pet that she loved very much. “

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