Prayers for Rev. Dr. Peter Lee

Prayer request from Northeast Presbytery Clerk, Rev. GJ Gerard:
Please continue to pray for the full recovery of Rev. Dr. Peter Lee who had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, in an early stage, and has now undergone on May 15, a surgical operation for removal of the life-threatening tumor.
“Dear Rev. GJ Gerard:   I have had a Whipple Operation for Pancreatic Cancer.  The size of the surgery scar is 15 cm by 7 cm in the abdomen area.  According to yesterday’s scan, I have infections on the back side of the pancreas which will required me to be here for for another 10 days.  Therefore the discharge date from the Long Island Jewish Medical Center (LIJMC) will be the end of May, 2023.”
Dr. Lee’s room # is T811A.   The LIJMC address is 270-05 76th Avenue, New Hyde Park, NY 11040.  Peter’s cell phone is: 718-503-1616 and his E-Mail is:
Thanks for keeping Dr. Lee in your prayers and let him know of your support during this difficult time.

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