Presbytery News and Events

Presbytery Highlights

 First Presbytery
The spring meeting was held Feb. 16, 2012

  • Received Rev. Tom Irby from the Georgia Foothills Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America and approved his call to the Fuller Memorial Church, Durham.
  • Approved Rev. Doug Petersen as the stated supply for the Westminster Church, Albemarle, NC.
  • Received a report from the Trustees Committee on various items concerning church properties. The following recommendations were approved:
    1. Authorized the Presbytery treasurer to pay expenses associated with these properties.
    2. Approved paying possible expenses for the sale of the Asheville property from the Church Extension Fund.
    3. Approved paying possible expenses for the sale of the All Saints’ property from the Church Extension Fund.
  • Thanked Rick Conant for his assistance with matters relating to the All Saints’ property.
  • Heard the Middler Sermon of John Lehner (student).

Mississippi Valley Presbytery
The Spring 2012 meeting of Mississippi Valley Presbytery was held on March 5-6, 2012, at the French Camp Presbyterian Church in French Camp, Mississippi.

  •  Heard a sermon from Moderator of General Synod Rev. Andrew Putnam on Romans 1:14-17.
  • Appointed Richard Moore as a provisional elder to the session of the Covington ARP Church.
  •  Approved a memorial from the session of the Midlane Park church concerning the historicity of Adam.
  •  Released the Covenant Presbyterian Church (Heber Springs, AK) to the oversight of the Communion of Anglican Churches.
  • Approved the draft of a loan application form presented by the Stewardship Committee.
  • Received the transfer of Mark Jones, a student of Theology, from First Presbytery.
  • Received Rev. David Searfoss, a retired PC(USA) minister, as a member of presbytery.
  • Agreed to accept the views of Rev. Dan Hazen, while noting his exceptions to the Westminster Standards regarding the law.
  • Placed the Hickory Springs and Wood Avenue churches under the oversight of the ONA Committee for the purpose of encouragement, revitalization, sessional oversight, and prayer.
  • Accepted the request of New Albany Presbyterian Church to host the 2013 fall meeting of presbytery.

Northeast Presbytery

The spring meeting was held at the Soonshin Bible Presbyterian Church. The pastor of the Long Island Korean congregation, Dr. C. K. Rhee, is currently serving as moderator of Presbytery.

  •  New Boundaries: In consultation with Virginia Presbytery, Northeast voted to ask Synod to redraw boundaries of Northeast & Virginia Presbytery so that all counties in Virginia with the exception of Fairfax County and the independent city of Alexandria, be removed to Virginia Presbytery.
  •  Assistant Ministers: Presbytery voted to send a memorial to the 2012 General Synod asking that it forward to the Special Committee to Revise the Form of Government a request that the new Form of Government include the position of “assistant pastor.”
  • Presbytery Youth Retreat: Presbytery voted to move ahead with our first Presbytery-wide High School Fall Retreat to be conducted in the Fall of 2012.
  1. TE Daniel Rhee (Holy Fire Presbyterian Church) was honorably retired.
  2. Rev Byung Yong Kim transferred from KAPC to become pastor of Holy Fire Presbyterian Church.
  3. Rev David Choi and his congregation Somang [Hope] Church was received from the KAPC.
  4. TE Matt Harmon was transferred from PCA to serve as a mission developer associate pastor at Christ Presbyterian Church in Grove City.
  5. Kevin Kaye became a candidate for the ministry (Trinity School for Ministry).
  6. Mr. Paul Yoo became a candidate for the ministry (Westminster Theological Seminary).
  7. Licentiate Nathan Carlson was continued as a licentiate.
  8. Young Han Bae was removed from the rolls of the Presbytery.
  • Transfer of credential of Korean ministers. The Presbytery established a subcommittee to meet with Korean ministers about the transfer of their credentials and their churches into the ARP.
  • Pacific Presbytery Ministers. Northeast Presbytery recommended that Synod remove from their rolls the names of churches administratively moved to Northeast Presbytery and their congregations unless they appear before the Presbytery.
  • Church Planting. Reports were heard on Church planting work in Chandler, AZ; Irvine, CA; Grove City, PA; New Cumberland, WV; and Long Island NY. Property has been acquired for the Good News Church in Arizona.
  • Ruling Elder Lou Schillinger was elected moderator for 2012-2013.

Virginia Presbytery
The spring meeting of Virginia Presbytery was held on March 17, 2012, at the new Wellspring Church, Daleville, VA.

  • Heard an inspiring message from Rev. David Blugerman, pastor of the Wellspring congregation with Luke 17:11-19 as the text. Music was provided by the Wellspring praise band.
  • Noted that all congregations paid their Voluntary Commitment to Presbytery in 2011 and all congregations have made commitments to Presbytery and Synod for 2012.
  • Received Timothy J. Bowers as a member of Presbytery on transfer from Catawba Presbytery.
  • Established a new mission at Haymarket,VA: called Timothy J. Bowers as mission developer. Appointed a Provisional Session for the mission. (These actions are contingent upon General Synod’s adoption of a request being made by Virginia and Northeast Presbyteries to adjust the boundary line between the two Presbyteries).
  • Shelia Osborne of World Witness presented an interesting power point program, highlighting ARP missionaries’ work in various countries.
  • Elizabeth Johnson of the Wildhurst Church, a missionary appointee of World Witness to a cooperative work under The Evangelical Alliance Mission to serve in India, spoke concerning her call.
  • Received a summary report taken from the annual reports submitted by Sessions to the Presbytery clerk.
  • Received a report from the Virginia ARP Women’s Ministries.

Devenger Road ARP Church
Easter services will be held at the church, 1200 Devenger Rd., Greer, SC, on Sunday, April 8, 2012, starting with a Sunrise Service at 7 a.m. Breakfast will be served immediately after the service in the Fellowship Hall. Sunday school will begin at 9 a.m. All are invited to attend. For more information, please call the church at 864-268-7652.